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Upload Marker Images

Custom Markers require three images:

  • Normal state: Shown when the viewer is NOT interacting with the annotation

  • Hover state: Shown when the viewer is hovering over the annotation.

  • Selected state: Shown when the viewer has clicked on the annotation, and the panel is open.

Image Requirements

Accepted file types: PNG, JPG, SVG (PNG with transparent background recommended). Max size: 1MB.

Dimensions: 512x512 (the uploader will give you the ability to crop if you need it). Larger images will be sized down; everything will be "stretched" to a 1:1 aspect ratio, so pad with transparent pixels if you need to.

Click on the "+" to upload the images. Clicking the "x" in the upper right corner removes the image.

You will be able to edit these later if you need to change them.