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Link Options Overview

These options determine how the embed player looks/acts when it is opened from the exported link. Scroll down to learn more about each option and see examples:


Sets the resolution of the displayed image.

Excellent (8K): Up to 8K (8192 x 4096)
Good (4K): Up to 4K (4096 x 2048)

Display Mode

Default: Normal display
mp: Forces fullscreen icon to display in small viewports; icon opens the embed a new browser tab when clicked.
mls: No watermark/logo displayed, even if set. Intended for MLS or other environments where branding is prohibited.
clean: Prevents all controls from displaying (including Collections controls). For Pro accounts, this also hides your logo.
clean_logo: Prevents all controls from displaying (including Collections controls), except your logo continues to display.

Display Annotations

Sets whether Annotation Markers are visible by default. 

Autoplay Annotations

If set, will immediately cycle through all the annotations, spinning the camera around to point at each one.

Hide VR button

On small viewports, prevents the VR button from displaying.

Include Linked Plans

When checked, will add a button in the player in order to view any Plans the 360 or Collection is linked to.

For more details on Plans Drawings click here.

Reset Heading (Collections only)

If set, resets the user camera direction to the starting position on each 360. Useful for cases where each 360 is of a different space.
If not set, will maintain current camera angle between 360s. Useful for cases where each 360 is of the same space but the environments are different.

Autoplay Collection (Collections only)

If set, will automatically advance to the next item in the Collection after a set amount of time with no user input.